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You’ve struggled long enough.
Get your marketing & business back on track!

Build a business that allows you to be free, impactful, and true to you.


✨ Is your business causing you stress, burnout, or exhaustion?

✨ Are you are a heart-centered entrepreneur looking for ease and flow in your business? 

✨ Are you struggling to scale your business but feel overwhelmed?

I invite you to release the struggle and step into the magic of

Business Alchemy by Morgan!

Alchemy. – a process of transforming elements into something new; transmuting base metals into gold.

Hi! I’m Morgan

I’m a whiz when it comes to building and expanding businesses. I’m passionate about teaching others how to organize and market their businesses (without the struggle and burnout!).

What if I told you that managing your business can be simple?

More aligned.  More spacious.  More in the flow.



With intuitive business strategies and marketing, your business will build a strong foundation and become a vital contribution to this world.

As solopreneurs, we tend to think that we can do it all by ourselves.

We jump in, creating this product trying this tactic.  Some work, some don’t.  What we end up with is fragments, scattered pieces of a business that is working, somewhat, but also hanging on by a thread.


This is where Business Alchemy by Morgan comes in.


Clarify your message and your business plan. Simplify your processes and operations. Multiply your income. Identify which marketing strategies to optimize.


Strategy built with intuition and intention so you can move forward with purpose and direction. Marketing that is Soul-Aligned. 


When you are in alignment with your heart & soul, your communication will reflect that.


I believe in collaborating to strengthen and support communities with truth and integrity. We all have a unique contribution to make. Now is the time for us to show up and share our gifts with the world!


What clients are saying

“I was pretty stuck and not moving forward professionally or personally.  I’m really clear now how important it is for me to relax and allow things to unfold for me instead of forcing things.  Morgan [The Biz Alchemist] is really compassionate and kind.  She’s able to say things to people so that they can actually hear them!”

– Cheryl Poirier, Classy Hippie Healer

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